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Residential, Commercial, Multifamily Roofs Using Top Roofing Materials in Denver

We install a wide range of roofing materials and our licensed roofers work on residential, commercial and multifamily structures. We will help you decide on the best material for your project and then install your roof expertly while delivering excellent customer service.

Our roofers work with:

  • Roof coatings
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Metal roof
  • R-panel roof
  • Standing seam metal roof
  • Stone-coated steel shingles
  • TPO roof membrane
  • EPDM roof membrane
  • Pvc roof membrane
  • Ballast roof
  • Built-up roof (BUR)
  • Composition roof
  • Modified bitumen roofing

Your choice of roofing materials should be based on more than aesthetics and costs. The slope of the roof, the environment, and the state’s building codes all have a role to play.

Choosing Roof Decking Material for Different Roof Types

Whether you have a residential, commercial or multifamily building, you need to have the right roof decking material if you want to protect the structure and its contents. Valor Roof and Solar Provides honest roofing services that extend to helping you select the best option. The following table shows some of the most popular types of roofs and which roof decking material is best suited.

Roof Type Best Roofing Materials
Gable Asphalt, metal, wood, tile, slate
French Metal
Gambrel Metal, asphalt
Hip Metal, asphalt
Flat EPDM, mule hide-rolled bitumen, TPO

If you are struggling to figure out which roof decking material should go on your roof, feel free to contact us for advice.

Free Roof Inspections, Same-Day Appointmens

We Source Roofing Materials at the Best Price

Roofing materials can vary widely in price. However, since we buy materials from manufacturers in large quantities, we get our roofing materials at an affordable price. You won’t have to worry about comparing prices and calculating the cost of all the components. When you hire our roofing contractors for your roof repair or installation, we bring the materials.

Expert Roofing Contractors Who Use Top Roofing Materials in Denver

If you can’t decide on the roofing materials you need, just call us or leave a request on our website, and we’ll give you a consultation and a free estimate. Our roofing contractors offer roof installation, replacement, leak repair, inspection, emergency roofing, and more. Don’t settle for low quality work or substandard roofing materials. At Valor Roof and Solar, we offer only the best roofing services. We support the Denver Green Roof Initiative and we’re insurance-approved. Call 303-770-7663 or fill out the form online if you need local roofing companies in Denver, CO; Westminster, CO; Lakewood, CO; Longmont, CO; Littleton, CO; Aurora, CO; and Parker, CO.

Best Roof And Solar Services For Our Customers

With hardwork and perseverance being an essential part of our core values. Our goal is to build a better reputation — one roof at a time!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Shona A.
Professional, knowledgeable and they will go the extra mile when needed. They can take care of you from start to finish - making the whole process easy. If you have any roofing needs these guys are the ones to call. I know, like AND trust James and Mark.
Michael D.
Mark Brown is the best. He is a great business partner, and he is a trusted roofing consultant. He is responsive, honest, and dedicated as you would expect from any professional. Mark and Valor Roof and Solar should be your first stop with any roofing needs!
Alana T.
I had these guys come inspect my roof, they explained everything very well, awesome company I deff recommend them!
Paige D.
ohn & Aaron took excellent care of my friend. They were very professional and took the time to educate my fiend and his wife on the entire roofing process & what went into the roof.
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Denise P.
As an insurance agent, with hundreds of clients, and Colorado being in “hail alley”, I am very particular about who I refer my clients to. Whether it’s minor damage or a catastrophic storm, I only refer to Valor Roof & Solar and Mark Brown.
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Donna C.
Aaron Caldwell really enjoys working for the Valor family. He goes out of his way to make sure his customers are taken care of efficiently!
Deb S.
Johno truly cares for not only his customers but their neighbors as well. He is a true professional that ensures the job gets done right. It's hard to go wrong with a veteran owned business, and this one walks the talk.
Betty L.
These guys are the best in providing a comprehensive visual photographic-report. Johno Skeeters was a pleasure to work with. He was considerate and very knowledgeable about the procedure and materials for replacing our roof.
Jennifer C.
Bailey and his team were wonderful to work with and made the entire process of getting a new roof smooth, easy and worry-free. We are very happy with our new roof!
Don V.
Jamie Madison came out and inspected our roof he was very professional to let me know where there was damage on the vents and heater vents and enjoyed working with him.
Ryan C.
Valor roof employees are kind and courteous. Super helpful in teaching you what you need to know to make an educated decision. Highly recommend them.
Ekaterina S.
We heard about Valor Roof and Solar from our friends! We met Bailey for a free estimate and he explains everything and every detail! Bailey is professional and he kept us updated on a daily basis! Because of rainy weather we had to reschedule 5 times.
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Audrey V.
Johno is exceptional with the level of customer service he approaches each job. He takes the time to listen to what you need and want before he gets to work. I love that Valor is Veteran owned and you can tell that they work with the utmost integrity and respect.
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Nina T.
James with Valor went above and beyond to take care of us. He conducted a free inspection of the property before we made the decision to purchase the property, provided a comprehensive quote for the work and was very communicative throughout the whole process.
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Dale McG.
Bailey Starling took care of us from start to finish...always courteous and professional! Valor Roofing knows how to pick their project managers. I met these guys at a home show and they never once tried to push anything on me but allowed me to ask questions and make the decisions on my own.
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Scott G.
Chris was my Valor point of contact and he was very professional, informative and quick to respond to any text message questions I had. The permitting process took extra steps because of historic district codes but he was all over it.
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Elina S.
Definitely deserves 10 stars!!! I HIGHLY recommend Bailey Starling, extremely professional and finished my parents roof with no issues. Went around with magnets and picked up nails/leftover trash which I've never seen before in the roofing industry.
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Annalise E.
Everyone at Valor Roof & Solar that I have come in contact with has been outstanding! They are more than professional, honest and hardworking. I fully recommend using them for any and all home repair needs! You won't find a more customer service and quality focused company out there.
Rob J.
Johno and his team at Valor were life savers in helping my 80 year old mom determine the source of a bad leak in her home and work with her insurance company to navigate through the issues. I'm over 1500 miles away, and appreciate him going out of his way to help with this issue, and communicate with me.
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Darline D.
Jamie just left my house and I'm so pleased with the inspection he made and the report he provided. It's thorough and was delivered clearly and honestly. If that next storm brings damaging hail, I'll be calling Valor, specifically Jamie.
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Nathan H.
Great company to work with. They are knowledgeable and want to help. I have sent many of my friends to them and they all loved this company as well. You owe it to your self to talk to these guys. I am glad I did.
Nicole R.
I highly recommend Valor Roofing!! Their customer service, business ethics, and commitment to make each job excellent is far beyond what most roofing companies could compare too! You want your exterior of your house taken care of, use Valor roofing!
Cedric B.
They did our re-roof on our home and addition. We had some special requirements due to the nature, age and condition of our roof. All the work was done on time as quoted with quality workmanship and attention to detail. I was able to easily communicate with the office staff.
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John K.
Mike Paper at Valor Roofing and Solar has been nothing but fantastic when it comes to roofing my clients homes. Not only is Mike a roofer but also an insurance adjuster which puts him in a unique and very knowledgeable position when working with insurance companies.
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Anne-Laure O.
I’m impressed with the integrity of Valor Roof and Solar. Bailey really cares about his customers and meeting their needs. He’s reliable, knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Rhonda A.
I scheduled an appointment with Jamie to have my roof inspected. He was very prompt and professional!! After the inspection he told me that my roof was in good condition and did not need replaced at this time.
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